About Wrestl(H)er

The Wrestl(H)er Program empowers our girls through leadership and wrestling to break down stereotypes and to fight for equality in wrestling, society, and life. Engaging our girls, educating them about opportunities, enriching their minds through sports based youth development, and empowering them to use their voices in order to evolve, is what leadership looks like in wrestling and beyond . With Girls wrestling continuing to grow at a rapid pace throughout the US it is important to build the next generation of leaders, starting from the moment they get connected with wrestling.

Wrestl(H)er Impact

Increase in confidence
Female Youth Served
Hours a year of dedicated girls’ opportunities
Collegiate opportunities for girls

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Our team delivers free youth development wrestling programs to underserved communities, helping students develop a goal-oriented mindset through on the mat training that translates into off-the-mat life skills. Our programs are designed to encourage a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of our trained and trusted mentor coaches. Coupled with off-the-mat resources to develop students’ full academic potential, these programs open doors to gainful employment opportunities.

MAT Time

Transforms traditional coaching philosophy with a trauma informed approach.


Coaches in Training. Hands-on training for youth in career, entrepreneurship and coaching.


Empowers girls through wrestling, advocacy, and leadership development.


Engages our most at-risk youth to help overcome significant loss or trauma.