Beat the Streets New England Team

Bior Guigni
Bior GuigniChief Executive Officer
“Our mission at Beat the Streets New England is to give kids a fighting chance! Using wrestling as a tool and motivator we teach our youth to successfully overcome socio-economic injustices. I am excited to be leading New England in wrestling based youth development that educates, engages, enriches, empowers. and evolves our young people so that they can apply these life-changing skills on and off the mat, in the classroom, and beyond. As a first-generation wrestler in my family, I know first hand just how powerful these lessons are when applied to life.”
Silas Murray
Silas MurrayProvidence Program Director
“When I create programs, systems and opportunities; I put myself in the shoes of our youth. I find myself asking, “What do the BTS youth need to learn, experience and understand? Who should these wrestlers build relationships & communicate with, to level up, and grow?”
Deontrae Callaham
Deontrae CallahamSocial Media and Marketing Communications
“Wrestling has played such a huge part in my growth and development as a person. I’m super excited to help Beat the Streets New England grow and spread the sport of wrestling. A great organization, with great people looking to make an even greater impact on the youth of New England!”
Luna Ayala
Luna AyalaProgram Development Coordinator
“My mission is to foster a world of young leaders who can navigate their lives and circumstances by providing engaging opportunities and teaching self-expression.”
Dante Gutbrod
Dante GutbrodAssociate Board & Advisor
“I want to help grow the sport of wrestling and create positive social impact, so I am excited to join BTSNE and work toward both of these goals.”
Lucas Johnson
Lucas JohnsonAssociate Board & Advisor
“I owe a great amount to the sport of wrestling and I believe that BTSNE provides an amazing opportunity for youth to enjoy the sport in a productive manner.”