Beat the Streets New England Team

Bior Guigni
Bior GuigniChief Executive Officer
“Our mission at Beat the Streets New England is to give kids a fighting chance! Using wrestling as a tool and motivator we teach our youth to successfully overcome socio-economic injustices. I am excited to be leading New England in wrestling based youth development that educates, engages, enriches, empowers. and evolves our young people so that they can apply these life-changing skills on and off the mat, in the classroom, and beyond. As a first-generation wrestler in my family, I know first hand just how powerful these lessons are when applied to life.”
Silas Murray
Silas MurrayProvidence Program Director
“When I create programs, systems and opportunities; I put myself in the shoes of our youth. I find myself asking, “What do the BTS youth need to learn, experience and understand? Who should these wrestlers build relationships & communicate with, to level up, and grow?”
Deontrae Callaham
Deontrae CallahamSocial Media and Marketing Communications
“Wrestling has played such a huge part in my growth and development as a person. I’m super excited to help Beat the Streets New England grow and spread the sport of wrestling. A great organization, with great people looking to make an even greater impact on the youth of New England!”
Luna Ayala
Luna AyalaProgram Development Coordinator
“My mission is to foster a world of young leaders who can navigate their lives and circumstances by providing engaging opportunities and teaching self-expression.”
Dante Gutbrod
Dante GutbrodAssociate Board & Advisor
“I want to help grow the sport of wrestling and create positive social impact, so I am excited to join BTSNE and work toward both of these goals.”
Lucas Johnson
Lucas JohnsonAssociate Board & Advisor
“I owe a great amount to the sport of wrestling and I believe that BTSNE provides an amazing opportunity for youth to enjoy the sport in a productive manner.”
Brett Poirier
Brett PoirierDirector of Operations
“To me, coaching is all about using the sport of wrestling as a tool to better the young men and women who participate. And I believe Beat the Streets New England does that better than anywhere else. I am so excited to work with a like-minded organization with such a strong foundation. Over the next few years I can’t wait to be a part of its growth throughout our region!”
Shepard Vargo
Shepard VargoBoston Program Director
Wrestling taught me that every challenge on the mat mirrors the hurdles we face in life. It was through this sport that I was able to find role models, build lifelong friendships, and open up doors to be the first person in my family to pursue higher education. I owe so much to wrestling —which is why it is incredibly rewarding to watch our youth develop confidence, leadership abilities, and change agent characteristics. At BTSNE, we leverage wrestling as a vehicle for teaching these crucial life skills.