Beat the Streets New England Associates Board

Ned McCague
Ned McCagueSenior Director, Analytics
I’m excited to continue working with BTSNE because the organization has a proven track record of helping wrestlers develop skills that lead to success on and off the mat.”
Ed German
Ed GermanEducator, Providence Public Schools
It’s the work that needs to be done so that our kids can see a brighter future. Wrestling gave me direction, a family, it changed my life and shaped it, just like BTSNE does every day for our kids.
Tim Zielinski
Tim ZielinskiDirector of Business Development
Wrestling is the sport that changed the trajectory of my life. It teaches you the power of self discipline, hard work, independence and resilience. BTSNE teaches these skills and has shaped the outcome of many young lives. As we grow the sport and the program, we have the opportunity to promote a life of great purpose and leave the world a better place than we found it.
Melinda Modisette
Melinda ModisetteElectrical Engineering and Studio Art at Harvard University
Hunter Kosco
Hunter KoscoQuantitive Analyst at Intex Solutions
BTSNE connects the community and its kids to a sport that facilities more than just exercise. I have seen wrestling help individuals grow as it promotes the development of life long friends and provides networks, job opportunities, and skills. I’m excited to be a part of an organization that promotes the connection between the community and wrestling.
Ryan Malo
Ryan MaloAssociate at Latham & Watkins
Wrestling remains a foundational aspect of my life and sharing this sport and the lessons it provides with young student-athletes of all backgrounds is something I care deeply about.
Lucas Johnson
Lucas JohnsonWilliam's College Wrestler - BTSNE Coach
I owe a great amount to the sport of wrestling and I believe that BTSNE provides an amazing opportunity for youth to enjoy the sport in a productive manner.
Art Beauregard
Art BeauregardPHD Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Genetics
I am interested doing more to bring wrestling to more kids who might not have had the opportunity to be exposed to the sport as a means of character and athletic development
Joel DeFelice
Joel DeFeliceManager, Competitive and Market Analytics at Columbia Threadneedle
I can’t think of a better mission than to help develop our younger generations through the sport of wrestling. I learned so many valuable lessons through my time with the sport – that shape me to this day – and I’m happy to help BTSNE in any way I can.
Jack Reilly
Jack ReillyFund Finance at Pacific Wrestern Bank
Wrestling teaches self-reliance, accountability and perseverance like no other sport, and I am really excited to contribute to the mission of BTSNE and help grow the organization throughout the New England region.
John Williams
John WilliamsGeneral Manager Accelerated Progam at Republic Services
Wrestling has given me so much in life and I’m thrilled by the opportunity to give back to, and grow, the sport I love through BTSNE and the community I’m from.
Grant Sorensen
Grant SorensenConsultant at the Beacon Group
One of the greatest ways to develop is through sport. I believe wrestling is one of the greatest sports. To me, BTSNE is exciting because it combines wrestling and community for kids in New England”
David Perez
David PerezDetective City of Providence
I’m excited about joining Beat The Streets New England for the same reason I decided to become a Police Officer and later a Youth Service Bureau Detective, I want to be in a position to help our youth. I believe in New England’s youth and believe if giving the opportunity they can succeed.
Brian Kelleher-Calnan
Brian Kelleher-CalnanHigher Education Professional
As a former wrestler, I am aware of the transformative change the sport can have on a young person. When mixed with good quality youth programs and mentoring, wrestlers can achieve their full potential that can set them up for life.
Brendan Weir
Brendan WeirAssistant Wrestling Coach at Trinity College Hartford
I’m very excited to give back to the sport and continue growing wrestling in New England.
Catarina Gonclaves
Catarina GonclavesSoftware Development Engineer at Audible
Sam Brenner
Sam BrennerProduct Manager at Nextdoor, US Marine Corps Veteran
Shepard Vargo
Shepard VargoAdministrative Associate to Chair of Communication Studies
Tara Mooney
Tara MooneyApplied Mathematics and Statistics at Harvard University
“Wrestling is a sport where anyone, regardless of their background, can learn, grow, and succeed. BTSNE brings these opportunities to youth who may not have otherwise had them, and I am excited to contribute to that mission.”
Victoria Kim
Victoria KimSoftware Engineer at Liftoff Mobile