About Wrestleback

The WrestleBack Program is designed to help our most at-risk youth overcome significant loss or trauma and wrestle back into their communities, schools, and lives through wrestling. It aims to build a bridge for young (ages 11-15), vulnerable, youth who need trauma-informed mentorship and support during a monumental growing period from childhood to adolescence.

“I have dropped out, run away, been homeless, been in jail. Wrestling helped me realize that I am not defined by my mistakes and I can take my life back.”

The WrestleBack Program encompasses a variety of activities and topics that boil down to the following main themes:

Wrestleback Impact

Youth in need
At Risk of Dropping Out
Free or reduced lunches
In juvenile or foster homes

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Our team delivers free youth development wrestling programs to underserved communities, helping students develop a goal-oriented mindset through on the mat training that translates into off-the-mat life skills. Our programs are designed to encourage a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of our trained and trusted mentor coaches. Coupled with off-the-mat resources to develop students’ full academic potential, these programs open doors to gainful employment opportunities.

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Transforms traditional coaching philosophy with a trauma informed approach.


Coaches in Training. Hands-on training for youth in career, entrepreneurship and coaching.


Empowers girls through wrestling, advocacy, and leadership development.


Engages our most at-risk youth to help overcome significant loss or trauma.