Reflections from the Inaugural Women of Color Leadership Cohort

By Jeanette Smith, December 15, 2020.The year 2020 is coming to an end. Rising above a dismal start to a new decade, a circle of 15 exceptional women selected among a pool of 150 strong and [Read More]

2022-11-08T05:56:35-05:00December 15, 2020|Boston, career, community partner|

Hungry For Change, Planting Some Knowledge, Plotting for the Future: A Business is Born

By summer’s end, the Coaches in Training Program has evolved into a running business of rising high school board members who created the tagline: Hungry For Change, Planting Some Knowledge, Plotting for the Future. If you are wondering, What is the Coaches in Training program? Read this introductory article and then read all about their gardening projects under the News section.

2022-11-08T05:56:37-05:00September 23, 2020|Boston, career, coach, community partner, garden|

Young Voices of Boston Youth Wrestling Speak to the Nation about Their Learning Journey Through Covid-19

Watch an inspiring panel of how Boston Youth stay motivated during Covid-19. Learn from the young people and hear about their future hopes.

2022-11-08T05:56:37-05:00September 16, 2020|Boston, career, coach, community partner, garden|

Cultivating the Next Generation of Coaches: Student-led Group Work Plants the Seed for Healthy Eating

Boston MA — Back in the summer of 2019, Boston Youth Wrestling envisioned a space for cultivating our own food locally. Because we have a commitment to health in our program, planting the seed for [Read More]

2022-11-08T05:56:37-05:00September 4, 2020|Boston, career, coach, garden|

Why We Choose to Train the Next Generation of Coaches: Teaching Youth to Think Globally and Lead Locally

Boston MA — Boston Youth Wrestling began the summer Coaches in Training (CIT) Program 5 years ago with the intention of engaging student-athletes in the off-season by bridging the three realms of school, home-life, and [Read More]

2022-11-08T05:56:38-05:00August 25, 2020|Boston, career, coach|
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