Randy Garcia
Randy GarciaThe MET High School
Leadership to me is someone that takes charge but not as a boss. not a member that takes head, but helping the team by taking charge of the boat.
Adyn Hamad
Adyn HamadMount Pleasant High School
I really enjoy my experience with BTS. I got to meet other people and also i got to be active. The BTS CIT program got me to open up to people and become more socialable.
Nathan Giusti
Nathan GiustiNorth Providence High School
I joined the BTS CIT (Coaches In Training) program because i wanted to give back to the wrestling community because of how much it has given me
Ferhat Baha Akdemir
Ferhat Baha AkdemirEast Providence High School
İ want to help people the way wrestling has helped me to pushing myself
Leadership to me is being able to get a group of people to be calm, collected and listen.
Kevon Grahm
Kevon GrahmCentral High School
at BTS we want to help help kids get off the streets, get better at wrestling, better at life and many other things.