Ezana Molla
Ezana MollaMatch High School
If you know–you know, “squeeze”.
Navid Hodjat
Navid HodjatRoxbury Latin High School
Leading a practice as a CIT was a new experience for me, being in charge and in control of what everyone else was doing. I was a bit nervous and hesitant to take on the role at first but with the help of friends and coaches I was able to settles into the role and lead a good practice.
Luke Etheridge
Luke EtheridgeExcel Academy Charter High School
I want wrestling to be as widespread as basketball is today.
Michael Tavares
Michael TavaresBoston Latin Academy
Wrestling has been an escape for me through some of my most difficult times.
Samuel Flood
Samuel FloodBelmont Hill High School
The CIT program at Beat the Streets has given me the opportunity to share wrestling within the Boston community, and that experience of spreading the sport has been so rewarding thus far.
Quin Bowles
Quin BowlesBoston Latin School
Anxiety is necessary for success. Worry about some things, prepare for anything, and succeed at everything.
Anthony Bitencourt
Anthony BitencourtExcel High School
I am proud of what we have accomplished and I hope we can still grow to be better.
Rafael Maya
Rafael MayaExcel Academy
Wrestling is a very demanding sport but it is also gives one of the best rewarding feelings.
Oscar Ali
Oscar AliRoxbury Latin
My favorite wrestling memory is my first folkstyle techfall, I didn’t even realize until the ref stood us up.
Declan Bligh
Declan BlighRoxbury Latin
When the distance is unknown, that’s when you find out who you are.
Anjue Liang
Anjue LiangBoston Latin Academy
Seeing kids be open and passionate about wrestling really had an impact on me, because one thing I regret is not getting into wrestling earlier, but these kids now have the opportunities I didn’t.
Dante Shepherd
Dante ShepherdBoston Latin School
Only regret i have about wrestling is not starting sooner.