Cambridge, MA — On May 14th in front of a crowd of 450 members of the nonprofit and business communities, Executive Director Bior Guigni shared her personal journey and the story of Boston Youth Wrestling as part of the 2019 Social Innovator Showcase presented by the Social Innovation Forum. BYW was one of eight Innovators that had the opportunity to pitch their forward-thinking and inspirational solutions to our region’s toughest social issues to an audience of philanthropists, business leaders, and potential supporters. 

Boston Youth Wrestling helps students “wrestle with their circumstances,” specifically crime, poverty, lack of access to education, and obesity. Its programs aim to give all students the tools to succeed both on and off the mat. Boston Youth Wrestling is seeking an investment of $570,000 over the next two years to increase its impact for youth in the City of Boston.

SIF’s Executive Director, Susan Musinsky, started the evening at MIT by welcoming the room and acknowledging all the Social Innovators, past and present, for their substantial commitment to social change work. The 2019 Innovators took the stage to present their pitches, developed with the guidance of SIF consultants, coaches, volunteers, and in-kind partners. Each Innovator concluded their presentations by explaining their two-year plans for growth and inviting audience members to become involved in their work.

Thank you to all of the staff at the Social Innovation Forum and the consultants that worked alongside Bior throughout the last 5 months and made this night successful for the organization. To read the full press release from Social Innovation Forum, click here.