Roxbury, MA — On February 10th, Boston Youth Wrestling hosted the Big East and Girls New England Championships at Madison Park Vocational & Technical High School in Roxbury. The tournament saw a dramatic rise in participation, particularly for the girls divisions, which saw a 100% increase from last year’s historic numbers.

See below for all the day’s placers:

Big East Novice Division (5-6th Grade)

91 lbs Lamont Cuff – 3rd Place

Big East Middle School Division (7-8th Grade)

100 lbs Alexander Greene Barrios – 4th Place
118 lbs Dexin Ma – 5th Place
169 lbs Jomar Lopez – 5th Place
215 lbs Vismark Melo – 1st Place
136 lbs Xavier Polanco – 8th Place
103 lbs Juan Oachoa – 3rd Place
100 lbs Jamie Nuñez – 3rd Place

Girls New England Middle School Division (7-8th Grade)

136 lbs Tess Clabaugh – 3rd Place

Girls New England High School Division (9-12th Grade)

91.5-99 lbs Jennifer Martinez – 2nd Place
109.5-117 lbs Litzy Ayala – 3rd Place
140-142 lbs MiAsia Stokes-Haith – 3rd Place
143-150 lbs Carolyn Gilmore – 1st Place
143-150 lbs Jessica Barco Guerra – 4th Place
167-168 lbs Mireyda Perez Hernandez – 3rd Place
169-172 lbs Lesley Baez – 2nd Place
169-172 lbs Aria Kelley – 3rd Place
153-166 lbs Eliza Nuestro – 3rd Place
200-206 lbs Taylor Phillips – 2nd Place