Birchwood Middle School hosted their annual tournament that featured many of our BTS middle schools. It was a successful day for BTS. Here are some highlights from the Tournament!

Gilbert Stuart Places 6th (with 5 kids)

Nathanael Greene Team Runner- Ups

4th Place Finishers:

Shane Miller (GREENE),Marianna Barrera (GREENE),Jayden Collado (GREENE)

3rd Place Finishers:

Jordany Jimenez (ESEK),Ivan Mazariego (GILBERT), Denzel Monterio (GREENE), Armani Rodriguez (W.BROAD)

Runner Up:

Isaiah Garcia (W.BROAD), Joseph Hiraldo (GILBERT), Brian Montanez (GREENE), Exavier Ortiz (W.BROAD), Ely Bates (ESEK), Isael Perez (GILBERT), Jeremiah Jimenez (ESEK)


Cameron Seales (GREENE), Edmir Monterio (GREENE), Daquan Brooks (GREENE), Justin Perez (GILBERT)