Boston, MA — This past week, The Good People Fund released their newest podcast featuring BYW Founder José Valenzuela and Executive Director Bior Guigni. Recorded in July, The Good People Fund talked to José about how his own experience with the sport as a youth

[that] fueled his passion to create an organization bringing wrestling – and its myriad life skills – to those in under-resourced communities in and around Boston. The podcast can be listened in its entirety above.

The Good People Fund, inspired by the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world), responds to significant problems such as poverty, disability, trauma and social isolation, primarily in the United States and Israel by providing financial support, guidance and mentoring to charitable activities of modest proportions that are undertaken by Good People acting singly or in small groups. Boston Youth Wrestling has been a part of the Good People Fund since June 2019. We are thankful for their continued support.